Clubs and Societies Funding/Resource Application Form

  • Your Club/Society has the opportunity to apply for funding or resourcing up to a maximum annual limit of $10,000. This does not guarantee that you will receive $10,000. We will endeavour to allocate the funds fairly amongst all clubs/societies.
  • Proposed events or projects must clearly demonstrate a benefit to participants in an educational or professional way to qualify for Business School funding or resourcing.
  • Applications for funding towards promotional, website development and other resource expenses will also be considered in this. Administration will generally not be funded, though some 'start up' funds are available for new clubs or new projects within existing clubs. Social events and O Week activities will not be considered for funding.
  • Please fill in one form per event/project.

    Section 1: General Information

    Is your Club currently registered with the University of Sydney Union? *

    You must attach a proposed budget and quotes to your application *

    Submitting a pre-approval application enables you to plan and budget for your event/project more effectively. Please provide as much information as possible.

    If approved, payment will only be made when we receive an invoice addressed to the University of Sydney Business School.

    Please give your Word/PDF file a meaningful name. Be sure to include your Club name and information about the funding request, for example: Club_NetworkingEvent_Budget.docx

    Section 2: Faculty Funding/Resource Application

    Declaration of funding/resources received from the University of Sydney Union

    Has your Club or Society submitted an application to the University of Sydney Union Clubs & Societies Committee for funding for this project, or does it intend to submit an application for USU funding? *

    Declaration of funding/resources from other sources

    Has your Club/Society received funding, resources or support for this event from other sources? (e.g. employer sponsorship) *

    If "YES", please indicate the nature and amount of support received:

    Name of sponsor or organisation Type of support/funding Amount received (If applicable)
    Section 3: Project/Event/Resource description

    What is the name of this event or project? (i.e. Seminar Series, Guest Speaker, Photocopying or promotional material for an event etc) *

    Describe the event and/or support requested and its benefits to Business School students * (100-200 words)